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2001 Hawai`i Fishing Tournaments
schedules, news & results from SportfishHawaii.com

Ahi FEVER! 2001

New Crew List Section

Recreational licensing, bag-limits coming??
commercial interests lobbying for maximum
could adversely impact charter industry
Conference to be held at Hawaii YC Dec 1st

Lahaina Jackpot sees 103 entries (99Oct24)
Tai Pan II tops fleet with 307# blue marlin worth $25 Grand
Oahu's Kukana Kai 2nd, for $7,000 with a 279#'r
total of 65 boats bring fish to weigh-in at the scales!

Record Entries for Hawaii & Waikiki YC's
'99 Ho`ole`a Fishing Tournament (99Sep4-5)

1999 HIBT event rescheduled to 2000
HIBA News Release

Kailua-Kona Big Island Gamefishing Tournaments

Hawaii's World Billfish Challenge
to hook-up international anglers with Big Time Prize$

The economics of fishing in Hawai`i
Sportfishing vs Longliners - who weigh$ in?

Hawai`i tournament line-up looking good
many events to hook-in with, plenty action! 3/99

3rd Annual Ahi Fever In Wai`anae Fishing Tournament and Ho`olaule`a Wai`anae, O`ahu Hawai`i June 12-13 99

Huggo's Wahine tournament draws 72 teams
675 lb marlin hooks $5000 1st Prize 7/25/98

The Making Of A Mecca by Jeanette Foster, from Marlin Mag 9/96

Fishing - Ancient Hawaiian Style
Aboard the Hokule`a and Hawai`iloa

Courtesy Polynesian Voyaging Society

The only way to supplement food supplies on an ancient voyaging canoe at sea was to catch fish, and possibly birds. Fishing was a matter of survival. In the same tradition, fishing is more than just a pastime on Hokule'a. A good-sized fish provides a day or two of food for the crew and allows the crew to stretch its supply of food and lengthen the time the crew can survive at sea.

One crew member on board the canoe serves as a designated fisherman, responsible for putting out the lines at sunrise, bringing in the catch with the assistance of other crew members, and pulling in the lines at sunset.

Hokule'a trails up to four 400 pound-test fishing lines, with lures attached. Two of the lines extend out from each side of the canoe on bamboo poles to prevent the lines from tangling. The canoe needs to travel at 6-7 knots for good results. The crew catches a range of open ocean fish, including aku, 'ahi, mahimahi, ono, and a'u, or marlin. On the 29-day voyage to Tahiti in 1992, 35 fish were caught; on the 35-day voyage from Rarotonga to Hawai'i in 1992, 27 fish were caught, including a 150-pound and a 200-pound marlin.

Fish is appreciated by the crew because it is the only fresh food eaten during the voyage after the fruits and vegetables have been consumed, usually within the first few days. The fish is eaten raw, marinated for poke, or fried. The leftover fish parts and bones are used to make soup. Leftover strips of meat are dried from the rigging, then put into buckets as snacks for the crew.

Hawai`i Fishing Links
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