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2001 Moloka`i Hoe (almost) Live OnLine Coverage
October 7th, 2001

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Last Updated: 8Oct01 ~ 0759 HST

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The Battle in The Channel * is pau...

The News

The Winners of Moloka`i Hoe 2001
CLIK ME...Team New Zealand / Hawai`i
Team New Zealand / Hawai`i

The Koa Division Winners
CLIK ME...Outrigger CC Honolulu
Outrigger Canoe Club Honolulu

The 55+ Division
Anuenue O`ahu
Nappy Napoleon & Crew were 2nd in the 55+ group...
Kailua Golden Masters was 1st..

The Best Tee-Shirt Division ;)
Kailua CC O`ahu

1st in Best Sports' / Runner Up Division
CLIK ME...Lanikai CC
Lanikai CC O`ahu

Best Group Shot Division
Lanikai & Pirae Va`a

and Team Tail-End... ;)
CLIK ME...Last but not least
but hey!... they finished.

Race News / Official Results (7Oct01)

The Pre-Race News so far...

Bob Krause's Our Honolulu Column at The Advertiser..
Moloka`i Hoe marks its 50th (7Oct01)
and the list of entries reads like the Olympics:
Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Tahiti, New Zealand and more!
mainland US crews from California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland
from the islands: O`ahu 38, Hawai`i 13, Maui 11, Kaua'i 6...
103 entries total, over 1 MILLION dollars flow into local economy.

Moloka`i History by Mike Tongg & John Linn at Pacific Paddler
along with The First Annual Canoe Festival

from The Star Bulletin's Brandon Lee (5Oct01)
Lanikai returns Piraes favor for Moloka`i Hoe
loans em The Mirage, latest canoe from Outrigger Connection,
sister of the one Lanikai paddled to last year's win and new record

Moloka`i-O`ahu race will be 44th for paddler Napoleon (4Oct01)
by Dayton Morinaga at The Advertiser

Emotional ride ahead for a Moloka`i Hoe team (5Oct01)
after two 2nd place finishes, Team New Zealand/Hawaii is certainly capable of winning
this year: a dedication to Chrissy Herbert

and... from Kanu Culture's Steve West, writing at Y2Kanu:
Team Australia returns... Who's the Favorite?: TOUGH Call
especially in the New Masters 55+ Division

some of the Canoe Clubs involved

SEE: Official OHCRA Site for entry forms, race rules

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