WHAT: The 20th anniversary of the 32-mile, one-person surf ski race and one-person outrigger canoe race across the Kaiwi Channel, separating Moloka`i from O`ahu . Referred to as the "Moloka`i Channel," it is considered one of the most challenging navigable channels in the world.

The event, sponsored by Starbucks Coffee, is the World Championship of blue water surfski racing, is organized and conducted by Kanaka Ikaika, Inc., Hawaii's oldest organized kayak racing club and is sanctioned by the American Canoe Association (ACA).

The international team competition - a race-within-a-race - is also part of the
Starbucks Molokai Challenge. Each country nominates four competitors to represent it. The times of the first three finishers from each country are combined and the country with the lowest combined time is declared the winner.
They receive the McCabe Hamilton & Renny Perpetual Trophy.

The Kala Kukea Perpetual Trophy, donated by Ocean Promotion, is in memory of the late Kala Kukea. It will be presented to the first Hawaii finisher in the 50 and over division. Kukea won this division in the 1995 Bankoh Kayak Challenge.

WHEN: - Sunday, May 18, 1997
One-Person Canoe start 8:30 AM
Kayak start at 9:00 a.m.

The race begins in the water at Papohaku Roadstead in front of Colony's Kaluakoi Hotel and Golf Club on the West end of Moloka`i. Racers with their escort boats paddle across the Moloka`i Channel.

The race finishes at Koko Marina in Hawai`i Kai. The first paddler should reach around 12:30 p.m. if tradewind weather prevails

WHO: - Male and female competitors include international Olympic and world champion surfski paddlers from around the globe, including winners from long-distance races in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Local competitors qualify through the Poa`i Puni race series conducted from mid January through early May.

Men's1994Dean Gardner, Australia3:24:08
Women's1994Kelly Fey, Hawai`i4:12:34
Men's One Person
Mark Rigg, Hawai`i4:17.35
Women's One Person
Outrigger, 1996
Sonia Lambert, Hawaii 5:30:35

Men'sDean Gardiner, Aus3:38.27
Women'sKelly Fey, Hawai`i4:23.09
One Person
Mark Rigg, Hawai`i4:17.35
Team CompetitionDean Gardiner, Aus
Brad Kane
Martin Kenny
Ian Rowling


1996 Returning Champion Award
	1st Male Kayak ('96)	$750	1st Female Kayak ('96)	$750
Awarded at May 15 meeting at the Ocean Club, Restaurant Row

	1st Male Kayak	$1000	1st Female Kayak	$1000
	2nd Male Kayak	$750
	3rd Male Kayak	$500
	4th Male Kayak	$350
	5th Male Kayak	$250
All division winners will receive $200

One-Person Canoe:
	Kanaka Ikaika	Karel's Fiberglass Products, Inc. TOTAL PRIZE
	1st Male Canoe	$750	$300	$1050
	2nd Male Canoe	$500	$200	$700
	3rd Male Canoe	$350	$100	$450
	4th Male Canoe	$250
	5th Male Canoe	$150

	1st Female Canoe	$750

Master's Division (open)
Hekili Award:
The first finisher of Hawaiian decent will receive a 
$250 donation to Hawaii Canoe and Kayak Team
by Hekili Painting & Decorating

McCabe, Hamilton & Renny Perpetual Trophy:
awarded to the winning team in the International Team competition.
Presentation will be made at Koko Marina.

Kala Kukea Perpetual Trophy:
Awarded to the Hawaii resident claiming a win in the 50 and Over Division.
Presented in memory of the late Kala Kukea.

Additional trophies and prizes will also be awarded at the 
post-race party hosted by the Ocean Club at Restaurant Row.

For Poa'i Puni or Starbucks Molokai Challenge race information or race entry blanks, please contact:
Darryl Hara
1194 Kaiama Place
Honolulu, HI 96825
Phone: 808-396-9164
Fax: 808-528-4208
Attn: Kanaka Ikaika

For media information, please contact:
Sherri Rigg or Ann Wharton at Peck Sims Mueller
Tel: 808-596-0033
Fax: 808-591-6638

Thursday, May 15 - 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Ocean Club, Restaurant Row - Telephone 808-526-9888
This is a mandatory meeting for all racers the best opportunity to conduct pre-race interviews with the top kayakers and one-person canoe paddlers from around the world!

If you would like to arranging an interview with a specific paddler or team, contact Sherri or Ann. They will be available at the Ocean Club the evening of this mandatory race meeting to assist you.

Sunday, May 18 - Beginning at 9 am

Race Start: The race begins in the water at Papohaku Roadstead in front of the Kaluakoi Hotel & Golf Club on the west end of Molokai. The One-person Canoe race will begin at 8:30 AM, followed by the Kayak race at 9 AM. Paddlers will check-in for the race beginning at 6:30 AM.

Press Room at Koko Marina: - A press facility with phones and fax machine will be open to media at Koko Marina Center in Hawaii Kai. The room is located in A Reef Adventure shop second floor between McDonald's and the Koko Marina Movie Theater.

Press Boat / Photo Opportunities / Finishline: One press boat will be standing by at the Koko Marina finish. If normal tradewinds prevail, the boat will leave the Marina at 11:30 AM, go to Koko Head for photos of paddlers coming across the channel, then return to the Marina in time for the finish. Photographers and writers need to arrange Press Boat transportation with Sherri or Ann.

Awards at Koko Marina / Ocean Club, Restaurant Row: Recognition of the top Male and Female Kayakers and One-Person Canoe Paddlers, Team winners and perpetual trophies will be awarded at Koko Marina at approximately 3 PM. The complete awards ceremony and post-race party will begin at 5 PM at the Ocean Club at Restaurant Row. Please bring your Media Pass for this private party. If you need a Guest Pass for the party, call Sherri or Ann.

Satellite Feeds: Complimentary satellite feeds of the finish are available.
Please contact Sherri Rigg or Ann Wharton if you are interested in receiving faxed results to accompany the feed or additional race information.

Results will also be available Via WebXpress: Immediately after the race

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