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but/also - WE DONT USE COOKIES or any other form of sneaky stuff - so RELAX!
if we want to know anything more about YOU, we'll ASK you straight-up

and 'tho generally setup for a 640 (Minimum) pixel screen width -
things will look much better with an 800 pixel screen
...specially when viewing the "Main Events"...
and there's plenty info for HELP with any of this (by clik'g on HELP)

AOL users: This site does not render well with AOL's old browsers.
Please use AOL's 5.0 browser (or PREFERABLY Netscape) for better viewing...
since AOL's newer browsers don't work all that well, either.... ;)
there's also more instructions on this if you need help running AOL's stuff

Now just WHAT are we blathering on about here?
Basically - you should be seeing the end of the blue and into the green, on the "pixel bar"
at a MINIMUM - and green, but not into the RED - at MAXIMUM width...
and if you're not?? YOU need to adjust your browser window-width.

And just HOW does that happen?
By "dragging" your mouse "pointer" across the border of your browser window -
Then "clik" when the pointer turns into a double-ended arrow....
Then, while holding down the mouse button - "drag" the edge of the screen.
The alternative is to "maximize" the browser window.....
But, you say - the browser already goes from one side of the screen to the other? -
And the Green-RED end of the Pixel Bar - above - still isn't in view?

Then it is NECESSARY to adjust the _resolution_ of your computer/monitor....
on the Win95 platform, simply "right-clik" on the desktop
select "Properties" - then on this window clik on "Settings"
then slide the pointer to 1024x768 on the "Display area" box
if your monitor can't display in this resolution?? - IT'S TIME TO BUY A NEW ONE!

And yet another consideration is THE SIZE of ones monitor...
your "pilot" here, is using a 17", set to a resolution of 1024 x 768 and
views the pages at 800 x 768 (ideal viewing window)
when putting things - like "FrameSets" - together.

Now about the "framesets" on which the "Main Events" are running...
in our opinion (since we do all the work around here),
and since HoloHolo Hawai`i now contains THOUSANDS of docs
we felt it necessary and convenient to utilize framesets
as they allow an easier holo holo (cruise) thru the site...

And unfortunately,
some of the features may not function correctly with MSIE (or CServe's version)
sorry, but that's what happens when the 2 biggest players on the Net
won't agree to the same set of standards
and we can barely keep up with ONE set
so we suggest you download the best web browser by cliking on the button above....
that way you can see all of the stuff that is going online here.

now... Back to The Beach ya go...

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